Official cloudBit™ Troubleshooting

Blinking green?

Hi community. I am preparing for a presentation with lots of littleBits in Barcelona and I the cloubBit status light on three different cloudBits blinks green and will not go steady. Anyone have a clue about why and how to prevent it from happening?

I’ve written to support and @grace_morales said “Blinking green means it is either power cycling or struggling with a network.” The network is stable and strong in the San Francisco office where I’m working today. What causes power cycling struggles?

Thanks in advance!


What bits do you have in the circuit besides the cloudBit? And are you powering it with the p3 usb power module, and the littleBits 2 amp wall wart?

Hi @chris101. Yep, USB and the 2 amp wall wart. [Is ‘wart’ a typo or a thing?]

Oddly, I released the cloudBit from my cloud control and he was able to get it up and running. I have NO IDEA why I couldn’t do it but my colleague could.


:wink: Sometimes it’s a magic touch thing. :wink:

A wall wart is indeed the name for a power supply with an integrated plug, and a wire. So called, I think, because it sticks out from the wall. That, and it alliterates.

Just setup my cloudbit. Little bummed out because the green output modules work fine but the pink input modules do not work at all. The gauge test wouldn’t work with the button bit. None of the pink modules appear to work. :frowning:

Your internet upload speed will affect how responsive an online app is to the input on your CloudBit. Even if you have a very fast download speed, your upload speed will be much slower. This means that signals going from the internet to the CloudBit are almost instant while signals going from the CloudBit to the internet are delayed.

Try holding down your button for a few seconds or leaving a dimmer at a certain value for longer. :smiley:

I have pretty solid speeds as shown below. I tried holding the button down for a very long amount of time. At this point I believe my cloudbit may be defective.

Hiya @rstrunk, Sounds like you might be right, but just to cover all the bases, do you have it hooked up like this:

usb power - button - cloud - number (or bargraph, or led, etc.),

and is your cloudbit’s LED solid green?




My setup was power=>cloud=>button

I guess the nice little diagram I clicked through in the setup was important :smile:

I’ll have to chalk this up to a rookie mistake. I look forward to learning more about this new fangled technology :slight_smile:


I’m glad it’s working for you now. :smiley:


As many others before me: My issue is that when setting up the cloudbit it stucks on “Waiting for the device to respond” message (tried on ipad 4 and laptop with windows) and led being solid blue.

The difference is I got the cloudbit as a small gift for participants of the littlebits competition on DockerCon EU conference this week. I’m not sure if it is fully operational (it was used for demo and competition purpose). I.E… how to verify that flash contains FW - i hope it does since it booted - right?

Is there any additional data which I can provide to get this verified and running?

Thanks in advance for help…

@szelmo Hi there! I’ll be troubleshooting with you in email from - and if anyone else also has an issue, feel free to shoot us an email.


I have the cloudbit connected to the IR transmitter to turn on a light. It’s been working fine for the past few months. Now when I turn on the light from the control application in the browser it turns the light off, waits 5 secs and then turns it back on. I also have it connected to a database that sends a post command to turn the light off. That was working fine too but now all of the sudden I get an error of 401. Both happened at the same time this morning. Not sure if I’m missing something. I tried switching out the IR with the MP3 and it does the same thing. I have to wait 5 secs before the button will trigger the MP3. Is there something I’m missing?

I’m having the same issue with the cloudbit turning red. Is there anyway you can send help me out as well? Thanks.

I’m having the same issue as @Brian_B. I hooked up my Christmas lights to the AC Switch and the CloudBit to the IR transmitter. If I go to and even hover over the button, or click the button, the lights go off for about 3 seconds then they go right back on. I did it through my phone, same thing. And when I put a bright LED bit after the IR transmitter, I saw that the LED would come on for about 3 seconds, then turn off. So it seems that what is happening is the AC switch is being triggered when the CloudBit sends a signal and again when it stops sending signal. Is there a way to make it so that it only gets triggered one time so we can remotely turn things on and off?

After talking to support, it seems this was an internal issue and has been fixed on their end. Working just like it should now! Thanks!


I need the same help here. Thanks!

My cloud bit worked the first time i used it, but then I accidentally exited the browser while in the setup and the light on my cloud bit stays white even when I un-plug the cloud bit from the other bits. When I turn it back on and try to set it up again, the light stays a solid white. :frowning:

So I got a Smart Home Kit for Christmas today, and the cloudBit was working fine, until I went to test out bitCraft. Now its constantly turning from purple to yellow, and back again over an over. I tried an internet setup connection, but it only blinked blue, then went back to blue.

So what do I do? :confused:

Why does the LED hooked up to the CloudBit output blink sporadically when the system is idle? (My CloudBit passes all the demos.) It looks suspiciously like a network traffic light. This seems weird - how am I supposed to use the output to control something when it’s output is unpredictable?