Official cloudBit™ Troubleshooting

Was looking to use these throughout our school’s STEAM programs, yet the CloudBit seems very unreliable.

I have have tried setting it up via Windows, Mac, and iPhone, and the CloudBit never gets beyond blinking Green. I’ve yet to see a solid green light.

Please advise.

Hey @MrFuchs,

I’d like to check a couple of things:

What network are you attempting to connect the cloudBit to? You can find a list of supported networks here.

Also you can check here to make sure your port is not blocked.

If you still are having trouble and are on a non-blocked network that we cover, I would suggest writing in to and we’ll help you out with more in depth troubleshooting!

I agree Very Disappointed with the whole Cloud bit thing. Mine just blinks green as well. Checked the supported networks and checked for the open port. No issues with either. For a product designed around young people, as a learning tool, I think Little Bits really dropped the ball. The products they release should be thoroughly de-bugged before they come to market.

Hello @Aspen

I am sorry that you’re having difficulties, I also saw that you reached out to the forum a while ago and never got a response (that’s our fault and I’m sorry).

I’m reaching out to you from our support email now, hopefully we can reach a resolution for you soon.

I’ve got the exact same issue, down to the “checked the port” and “verified the network type.” I’ve looked at a handful of the forum threads here with users with the same issue, and haven’t seen a working resolution. I’ve tried the setup several times as well.

Hey @peter_7c4336

I’m reaching out to you now as well!

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I lost the sd card of my cloudbit and I dont know what was inside. The status light is always blue and I need help. I want to know what was inside or what I could do for make it run.

Hey @oboscarobo

Sadly that SD card has all of the cloudBit’s firmware on it, so it can’t run without it! If you could reach out to us at and let us know a little more about what happened, I’m sure we can come to a solution!


Thanks @Patrick_littleBits.

She works like a charm! I’ve named her (my cloudBit) Thinkerbelle.

i have exactly the same problem. opened a ticket with support. no response yet.

hey @rishia701 ,

Just responded to your ticket before seeing this. All should be good!

Same here. Please, resolve this!

Hello -

My daughter mistakenly formatted the cloudBit’s SD card thinking it was the MP3 player’s SD card. Is it possible to restore this SD card to the default cloudBit?

Yes it is. Support can send you a link to download the image and instructions on how to set it up. I did this to upgrade the version on my card.

Thanks for the info! I am emailing support now.

Hey folks,
I’ve tried using mobile and desktop. Unfortunately i cant get past the solid blue light stage and “waiting for device to respond”

Any help?

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I find myself having more success using a desktop lately. If you are at the steady blue light, that should mean that the cloudBit is in AP mode, and you should be able to select it from your computer’s wifi AP selector.