Official cloudBit™ Troubleshooting

Hey! Is this your first time using the cloudBit? I would first like to recommend that you check out our getting started page.

If you’re having trouble setting up or connecting your cloudBit in any way, please go to our troubleshooting page which is where you will find the basic steps to try first.

We have an ever-growing FAQ for our cloudBit where we will house the questions that we hear, it is a great place to look if you’re curious about something to do with the cloudBit.

If you don’t see what you are looking for here please submit a ticket to our support team, we will always work to get you up and creating as quick as we can.

Hi @alan_black! :slight_smile:
I’m reposting your cloudBit issue here:

This happened to me when I used a battery power supply and changing the battery solved the problem. It also did not work with a wireless connection that had a hidden SSID.


I’m trying to set up my CloudBit at my school with my students, and I thought the protected network might give me some trouble, but the setup managed to go through without a hitch. At least, I thought so. I got a “Success” message, but then the CloudBit just kept blinking green and never turned solid green as it does at my house.

Is it the WiFi which uses a login service for only authorized devices? If so, is there a workaround? I can register devices on the network as needed, but is there a way to do so with the CloudBit?


Hello @shorer,

I believe talking to your IT department would be helpful. Under settings you can see your “device ID” which is also the cloudBit’s MAC address. Most network specialists can use this information to let it connect to the network (if possible).

I have the exact same issue, never gets steady green! Have checked ports and all of that, and it all works. This is really annoying - a HUGE letdown.

My CloudBit is just stuck on white light. Will never blink. My Adruino bit will not upload to my MacBook Air. I bought the Pro Library to use with kids this summer and the whole interfacing with the computer has been a MASSIVE let down. We were really looking at using with our older students. I’m super disappointed.

I setuped CloudBIt Starter Kit and works well for a while (status light is green).
But after 20 - 30 minutes, the status light turned to red and stop working.

Besides, the sound trigger doesn’t work for most of the time. I pleased it between button and Cloudbit and sensitivity is max.

If I remove cloudBIt, other parts work fine.
Please tell me how to solve these? Is there a connect order?

Hey @scho

I just sent an email to you with some troubleshooting steps, let’s work there to figure this out and get you up and going!


Hi All.

I was wondering if anyone had encountered this error “An internal server error occurred” when setting up the cloudbit. I purchased one for a home project I am working on and have had no luck trying Chrome and Internet explorer as possible fixes. Any other setting to check? Not sure if it is on my end or the cloudbit server end. Thanks all!

Hey @SIMakerSpace,

It looks like we had a brief downtime around the time you wrote in to the forum. I would like to have you try again and let us know how it goes. If you’re still experiencing issues can you drop us an email to Thanks!

I managed to delete the littlebits micro SD card.

Is there a way to recover the lost files on the SD card? Now the device won’t start up (teal light for 1 second then no light).

Hi @Patrick_littleBits,

Thank you so much for the reply and info. I will re-try shortly. I want to bring my littlebits aquaponics system online!

I was curious if a cloudbit had any way to be factory reset?

Basically, whenever I try to go through the normal connecting the cloudbit to the web tutorial at … on step 5 it says that “You cannot claim this cloudBit because it is already claimed by someone else” but no one else has claimed it before me, or at least I don’t believe so.

Any help on this matter would be great!

Hey @jacksixb

Currently we have to remove the claim from our end, could you do me a favor and write in to us at and we’ll give you a quick set of instructions for us to remove the claim.

So sorry about the inconvenience, we are looking into options to make this a better process.

@Patrick_littleBits Awesome thank you! I just sent the email out.

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I have the same issue… what info do you need in the email message?
Best regards!


Hi @Patrick_littleBits and assorted bitsters. I’m setting up a cloudbit demo and want to change the wifi on my cloudbit from my home wifi to the venue’s network. I cannot find a step-by-step guide to changing just the wifi. Is is possible? Or shall I go through the cloudBit from step one?

BTW, my name is Bridget, not Thingfully… :bitstar: