Official bitCraft Troubleshooting

Whenever i try to connect to bitcraft with my little bit it sends me to the site where i authenticate it and then i click it, it says it is authenticated and then i go to minecraft, pops up with “Hmm, looks like there’s a problem, check your internet connection and try again.” and my internet is working fine. I have tried many times. Any help please?

I’m sort of new to MineCraft mods so sorry if this is a n00b question. I currently play on a Minecraft (Java Edition) server and I would love to use this there to detect and alert me when say someone enters my house. Can this be installed on a server or is it only something you can use and run locally?

hi, whenever I try to get a token from the littlebits website I just have a blank space with nothing to copy/paste. Is it still up?