Hello and happy Friday, dear Bitizens!

I’ve been hearing from some of you that the servo module is causing an occasional bit of confusion and thought this would be a great opportunity to give some more information about this extremely powerful and useful, but sometimes tricky, module.

The servo has 2 modes, swing and turn. In swing mode, it will swing continuously 140 degrees back and forth. In turn mode, the angle of the arms are determined by the voltage the module is receiving - you can see this in action with a dimmer or slide dimmer. We have some great servo tips and tricks here that can also provide some helpful information about the 2 modes.

Here are some of our favorite projects using the servo:

Speech Puppet

Animatronic Hand

Robotic Arm

If you have any additional advice for how to best use the servo, please share the knowledge - you never know what projects your insights and knowhow might help to inspire!

~Allison, Bitizen Support Specialist

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Hi, @heidic. Thank you for sharing the servo Tips & Tricks page in the breakout room last night. I think if you slide the servo mode switch to “turn”, you will see a different outcome. When the servo is in swing mode, a dimmer before it changes it’s speed; in turn mode, a dimmer changes its range of swing. If you would like more continuous motion while in turn mode, place a pulse and dimmer before the servo. Here’s a project that demonstrates this circuit: