Noise output from cloudbit

Anyone hook up a speaker module to the cloudbit? It has static noise on its output continuously. I’m tried putting a threshold bit between the cloudbit and the speaker, but no dice. Maybe I need the synth kit to suppress the noise. Anyhow, the noise output is independent of power supply and depends only on the cloudbit in the circuit. Any ideas how to suppress the noise?

Hi Brian @bg002h ,
Can you tell more about the project you are working on?
The noise is generated on the power connection of the cloudbit (VCC). This bit needs a lot of power from the power supply and due to the built-in computer on the bit it sends a lot of noise into the system via the power connection. When you switch leds or servos with the cloudbit it does not matter.
I tried to control an oscillator from the synth kit via the cloudbit (power-cloudbit-oscillator-synth speaker) and it worked, but indeed with a lot of background noise…
The synth speaker is also very very sensitive for noises on the power supply. You can check this by connecting a servo and the synth speaker, you can hear the noise in the speaker when the servo moves.

I made a noise filter from the proto bit and a capacitor (220uF) and a resistor (100 Ohm) and this filter eliminates the noise. Just place it before the synth speaker bit. You must remove the most right connector on the bit, as shown on the picture…


Just making a simple doorbell over IP :smile:

I like your noise filter! I’ll have to get the dev kit. I ordered the wireless RF transmitter too, by not sure how well it’ll go through a door. It’s just for my daughters room, but wires are awkward with kids.

Thanks for the design!

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