No speaker sound

I received my new synth kit for Christmas. I opened it and immediately put an oscillator on in between power and the speaker. To my surprise there was no sound! I looked on the forum and saw someone else had the same problem. I tried the wet finger bridging the pot and got sound. I flipped it over and noticed a smd component was missing. I have included a picture. Does anyone know what that component is? I am looking for the schematic.

EDIT: The schematics are on each module page. It was a capacitor!

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Fixed it!

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Hey @teott1,

Was it missing a capacitor?

Yes. Looked like a .1micro farad one from the circuit diagram. Just so happened to have one laying around and soldered it on. May look like a giant next to the smd parts but there is plenty of room and got the job done. I enjoyed the troubleshooting as much as building with the synth!

Hi guys, mine also arrived today missing a capacitor but I do not have teott’s soldering skills (hand tremors :S). Can you send me a new volume module please?

Sorry about that @ashellinthepit. I would send an email to and inform the team of the situation. They will handle this with you further!

Cool, thanks!