News of the Bitosphere - Nov 30, 2015 Turkey Batman, Augmented Reality & #BitWars

News of the Bitosphere

  • Breaking News! Turkeys Saved by Batman! by Our hero, Mitch @mmalpartida

Community Hall of Fame

  • Beehive Prank! Watch how Magic of Rahat uses wireless bits to make his fake bee hive fall from a tree right in front of innocent passersby! He even adds an MP3 player to play buzzing bee sounds! EEK! Watch his behind the scenes “how to” video!

Project Page Love

  • RonDagDag (from Dallas/Forth Worth TX) is at it again, demoing his sick Augmented Reality skilz! Check out Ron’s cloud-controlled AR LightSaber entry for #BitWars!

  • Oh, noes! Darth Vader is lost in space! No worries! @alexpikkerdeletet (from Hengelo in the Netherlands) and Mr. Spock will try and help him get out of Star Trek and back to #BitWars where he belongs! … Seriously, though, this project demonstrates how littleBits can be used across platforms by using proto bits and bitsnaps from the Hardware Development Kit. The result is an amazing obstacle avoiding robot that plays some of our favorite uplifting Spock quotes and wields an adorable light saber.

  • fco: @Leo Saccomanno (Chapter Leader from Bariloche, Argentina) designed a musical assistive technology device that allows people with limited movements to make multiple sound possibilities with one pressure sensor! The Arduino can be pre-programmed with an arpeggiator or a musical tune, enabling the musician to play the next note right in time with the band! Rock on, Leo & friends! :notes: Watch as kids play with the littleBits version…

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@techscience rocks!! kids always look so engaged and happy. Thanks for the inspiration :smile:


Thanks @leo :smiley: and thanks @JackANDJude for covering our story!