News of the Bitosphere: Mar 14, 2016 - Bitbike 🚲 , Remix City & an alarm clock that makes you RUN! 🏃

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Community Hall of Fame

  • Bitbike #InventForGood is a blinker system created by the three J’s and S, a homeschooling family from Toronto, Canada. “We were inspired to create this project because of two bicycle deaths that occurred during the previous year - one was a well-loved local teacher cycling to school and the other was a mother who was carrying two babies behind her in a trailer. Using the STEAM Student Set we designed a solution.” Let’s watch Julius and Savannah demonstrate their invention in a fun reenactment! :bike: :smile:

​Invention Page Love

  • Tracker Hacker: In response to the Hack Your Habits challenge in the STEAM Student Set, David @designsaunders’ students decided to hack their step counters to gain a competitive advantage in their step challenges. “Our 90 minute period was packed with brainstorming, ideating, prototyping. and testing our new project. At the end of the period, we had a working prototype and loads of new ideas on how to improve upon the design!” :runner:

  • Personal Game Machine is by our pal, Sky Shin (pssst, her Squishy YouTube channel has half a million views - WOW). Her newest machine only works when you insert MONEY!!! A DC motor will pull the paper bill as a light sensor detects darkness. At the same time, use a button to try and hook a Squishy prize! Let’s see it working… :dollar: :cake:

  • Move 'Up, by a team of students at devincifablab. This alarm clock is turned on remotely by the cloudBit, has Arduino for brains, and plays mp3’s as it randomly rolls around your room. The only way to shut it off is to get out of bed and touch the makey-makey contacts! Tagline: “Run after your clock, not the bus!” :running: :alarm_clock:


In this month’s challenge, we want you to invent a product that makes a difference in someone else’s life then film a video telling us why it makes a difference. Upload it to with #InventForGood by the end of this month. Our amazing judges will choose three winners who will receive superhero status and up to $200 in Bits! Read more about this challenge and how you can use the invention cycle to make your product awesome:

Global Chapter Case Study

Look inside the Los Angeles, CA littleBits Chapter, "Rolling Robots"

As the littleBits Global Chapters program grows and our School Chapters program launches, it’s important to highlight the unique spaces hosting events around the world. In this fourth installment, @nickweinberg interviewed Bing Jiang of Rolling Robots in Los Angeles about her experience.

“For Rolling Robots, the most exciting part about running a Global Chapter is getting the direct support from littleBits on content for our workshops. We learn a lot from the many ideas and lessons plans littleBits provides. We also enjoy sharing stories with other Chapter leaders.” Read the Full Article.

Remix City!

  • High school girls in Lebanon built this automatic coin bank that spins the Kids Genius logo every time you insert a coin! Be still my Bitster heart!.. CLICK IT!!! :purple_heart: :smiley:

  • Still not sure what to make during spring break? Makers @bonevetmakerspace in Kosova made a Throwing Arm​.
  • AND a security device for their backpack! Watch and listen to it work! :eyes: :ear:

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