News of the Bitosphere, Jan 5, 2016: Happy New Year & #BitWars 💜

#News of the Bitosphere!

Happy New Year, Bitsters! :purple_heart: :bitstar:
Did you see family & friends?! Did you party like it’s 1999? Us, too!

Community Hall of Fame

Episode 0 featuring R2D2 #BitWars :link: by thisismitch from New York City. They powered a papercraft R2D2 with the Gizmos & Gadgets Kit:link: (Cinnamon buns not included). In this scene from “Episode 0” :wink: Kubo-Wan Kenobi attempts to rescue the beautiful Princess Mitchelleia but ends up getting caught in a devilish Sith trap.


So Many Amazing Projects!

There were over 125 #BitWars Contest Submissions! The Contest is Closed and judges are deliberating. In the meantime, let’s look at some of the more recent projects and events held. Please take a moment to heart and comment on your faves! :purple_heart: Every Bitster loves getting hearts!!!

The Trench Run - A #Bitwars recreation:link: by Andrew Johnson, a Maker Dad from the Pacific Northwest In this scene, Audrey Vader and Alex Fett help Luke destroy the Death Star with a perfect game of Skee Ball:

#BitWars masterpieces - Brussels Chapter Leader Julie Foulon @Girleek and her band of Tech Jedis made motorized R2D2’s and Death Star’s.

Awesome Yoda Costume @MarymountSchoolNYC made 10 #Bitwars projects, like this crafty costume by Margaux, Lauren & Juliana :slight_smile:

Translated Materials

@Maria_Renard of our Santiago de Chile Chapter translated the Base Kit in Spanish :link:! Thanks, Maria! Find and add more Translated Materials :link: on the forum. :pencil2: :earth_americas: :earth_africa: :earth_americas:

Mark Your Calendar!

Our next Community Call is Wednesday, January 27, 2016 noon, EST with guest speaker, David Sengeh. As always, we’ll meet at the unhangout room. Stay for the second half of the call to share your ideas, projects and general awesomeness with friends. :smile:

“What drove David Sengeh to create a more comfortable prosthetic limb? He grew up in Sierra Leone, and too many of the people he loves are missing limbs after the brutal civil war there. When he noticed that people who had prosthetics weren’t actually wearing them, the TED Fellow set out to discover why — and to solve the problem with his team from the MIT Media Lab.” Read & view more…


A Look Back at the littleBits Community in 2015 VIDEO

Image from @Randyslavey

Bye for now! Reply with your favorite project of 2015 and your 2016 New Year’s Maker Resolution! :confetti_ball: #MakersGonnaMake! :slight_smile: