News of the Bitosphere, Jan 25, 2016: Inchworms 🐛, Snow & MLK Jr Day

#News of the Bitosphere!

  • inchworms and earworms for all :straight_ruler: :bug:

Community Hall of Fame

  • 1/18 : Inchworm :bug: by @superyummywonton won our hearts this week. The interwebs are abuzz with replicas from our lovely Community. Make some with friends, have a race and share on social media with #littleBits! :smile:

​"This is a simple, fun project to introduce concepts of mechanical linkages, surface friction, and basic kinematic systems. More important, robotic inchworms are inherently silly and amusing to play with."

  • 11/25: Signs of Snow by Zachary McCune. This retro billboard uses the cloudBit to make three long leds turn on when snow is falling in Tahoe. :snowflake:

Meet the Inventor

Read more about Zachary and his cloudBit connected inventions: Meet the Maker: Zachary McCune

Indoor Fun

Snowed In by @Arjun - If you’re still feeling snowed in, check out this collection of projects to monitor the weather and stay entertained. :snowman:

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Event

Celebrating MLK Jr Day with littleBits! by @lizabits “This Martin Luther King Jr Day, littleBits, Microsoft, and joined forces to invent for impact. Inspired by Dr. King’s focus on service, community, and social change, we challenged participating families to design an object that helps someone else or brings people together.”

More Awesome Projects

  • Smart Lamp by Anahit, Esther, Astghik & Smbat. This cloudBit + Arduino project can be turned on or off by SMS texts or by clapping your hands. There are even 3 brightness levels! Watch Anahit and Esther demonstrate…

  • Did you SEE stroboscope by Hassan El bouz? He spins a disk with a fan and controls the bright led with an oscillator to make super cool optical illusions. Watch it go!

Ciao for now, Bitsters! :purple_heart:

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  • Earworm: 1992 Clapper Commerial “Clap On - Clap Off” :musical_note:

inchworm reply :smile:

Oh my gosh, @leo! You melt my purple heart. :purple_heart: :slight_smile:

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