News of the Bitosphere, February 8, 2016: #AnimatronicsChallenge, Girls Who Mine, @superyummywonton, #HackYourValentine ❤

#News of the Bitosphere!

Community Hall of Fame

@alexpikkerdeletet Invented Bits on a String, a homemade dulcimer with coil pickups that plug into the microphone bit. The microsequencer triggers Mr. littleBit to activate strings by a servo and vibration motor as he is accompanied by some percussive sounds on the mp3 player. WATCH! :eyes:


  • Robo-Manatee by Cara L “The manatee is one of my favorite creatures. Use a servo and long LEDs to make this gentle marine mammal come alive!” Watch!

#​HackYourValentinesDay :heart:

Community Member, batkinson, posted a new design challenge we LOVE! :heart: What will you make?! If it’s a Valentine AND Animatronic, you can enter into both challenges! :smile:

You are going to hack Valentines day with little bits. If you have littleBits. You can do it. Valentines day is the deadline.


  1. It must have something to do with Valentines day.
  2. You must use littleBits.
  3. You must include instructions
  4. You must post it with #HackyourValentinesDay.

Girls Who Mine Event!

This weekend littleBits co-hosted an amazing workshop with Girls Who Mine, a group designed to make a safe, creative space for girls who <3 Minecraft. We had 46 girls and parents come hangout and geek out together over pizza, in Creative Mode, and with littleBIts. - @lizabits

Meet the Inventor

Curious about the Inventor behind Inchworm? Tan Tran @superyummywonton is a product designer from Raleigh, NC who is currently backpacking around the world! Read about Tan Tran and his design process!

You’re in the News, Bitster!

Our Dallas, TX Chapter is featured on TechBubble Info! ​Pictured below, Ron Dagdag and Adam Mosely. @rlyle78 @netadpt

“The goal of AmRobotics is the free share of information. AmRobotics works closely with LittleBits Electronics Inc, and is heavily involved in helping educate the community…AmRobotics caters to children ages 8+. The team are overjoyed to have the opportunity to prepare the local youth for future technologies by guiding and helping them develop a computational thinking process when approaching tasks and solving problems.” Full Article.

If you’ve been featured in the news for being Bitsy, we want to know! Post it here on the forum! :smiley:

:wave: Have a great week, Bitsters! We can’t wait to see all your animatronics creatures and characters! :smiley: