News of the Bitosphere: Feb 29, 2016 - Peacock, #AnimatronicsChallenge, Global Chapters, Greek Mythology, The-Moment

#News of the Bitosphere!

​Pictured above, Beijing Chapter hosting a littleBits workshop in a local hospital.

Community Hall of Fame

Pete the Circuit Board Peacock was made for the #AnimatronicsChallenge by Mya, a home schooled seventh grader from Illinois and her Dad, Scott. “Hi, I’m Pete the Peacock! I walk, strut, and call out in the oh so very confusing peacock language. With a shell made out of a recycled orange juice container I won’t run out of juice!” Let’s watch Pete strut his stuff!

​Global Chapter Case Study

Take a look inside the Greenwich, CT littleBits Chapter

As part of a four part series, @nickweinberg is interviewing Chapter Leaders from around the world, featuring different types of spaces. This past week Nick interviewed David @designsaunders about his experiences at Labrary @ Greenwich Country Day School.

Says David, “Our makerspace has been dubbed the Labrary because it was designed to be a mashup of a traditional school library and 21st century learning lab. We run classes during the day, offer micro-courses for some deep dive exposure to robotics, coding, and tinkering, and also offer monthly evening makerspace events for the community.” Read the full blog post here:

AnimatronicsChallenge ENDS Midnight!

It’s the LAST DAY to submit to the #AnimatronicsChallenge! :link: Do it, meow! :heart_eyes_cat: You have until midnight, EST 2/29/16!!!

Eating Panda - #AnimatronicsChallenge by Egidijus and Raitis of the Vilnius, Lithuania Chapter. “This eating and slurping Kung-Fu Panda reacts to sounds and stops eating when it has been spotted. But only for a short while - it can’t resist food for long!” :panda_face:

Teams in Kelly Knight’s @kknight classes from Jacksonville, FL built 30 projects for the #AnimatronicsChallenge! 3rd graders made animals, and 6th graders made projects based on Greek Mythology. Every single one is super adorable! Let’s check out two:

Snowy Owl :link: :bird:

Poseidon :link: :trident:

Invention Prototypes

Teams at Devincifablab posted 18 unique products this week! Here are two. Know they’re all impressive!

HearBox, :link: an excellent #InventForGood prototype. “The Hearbox is a connected object mainly intented to deaf and partially deaf. With a simple shape and a classy design. A dial will notify you the arrival of a mail, a SMS, a call, or the ring of the door. In addition Hearbox is connected with a bracelet, the Hearband. It will alert you the importance of the notification with a short or a long vibration. Then just check the Hearbox to know exactly which kind of notification is it.” Watch!


Animalogie project is a cloudBit connected, Makey-Makey and Arduino pet feeder. “Your pet just has to put its paws on a board and animalogie will serve the biscuits. Moreover, you can block animalogie with your phone so your pet will not abuse food and become fat.” Let’s watch!


​The moment you’re no longer scared of the dark because you invented your own flashlight! Talk about empowerment! - From a recent event at our Philadelphia Chapter with Leader, Sharon Newman Ehrlich (@CoolSciTeach). :flashlight: :smile:

:dog: The moment dogs first experience littleBits:

If you see a moment of empowerment, inspiration, contagion, tweet about it with #littleBits and post it on the forum under “The Moment”!

Ciao for now, Bitsters! Enjoy your week! :smile: :purple_heart: