News of the Bitosphere, Feb 1, 2016: #InventForGood, Animatronics, Global Game Jam

#News of the Bitosphere

Community Hall of Fame

Vi, a music device for the deaf:link: , by UK-based product designer Dimitri Hadjichristou. He conducted his own cymatics experiments to see how sound affects various materials -
cous cous, jelly, cornstarch, custard, oil, and even skittles! Watch this video to see how Vi helps kids with hearing impairments experience music in a new way…

Community Call

In case you missed it, you can still watch the Jan 27th Community Call :link: with prosthetics wizard, David Sengeh “I was described as a playful kid. I was exploring, breaking things. I was a maker” @dsengeh Watch now!


Inventors big and small are making a difference. How do you #InventForGood?
Share your story with us or on social with #InventForGood for a chance
be featured AND win littleBits Kits! Read more about #InventForGood. :link:

February Challenge: Animatronics

Our Animatronics Challenge is LIVE! Bring on the electronic puppet show! - @lizabits

Event: Global Game Jam

We got our game on this weekend at the NYU Game Center for the Global Game Jam! This team used the MakeyMakey bit to create umbrella controllers.

WATCH: Umbrella Opener Sensor Video :link:

This team created a follower the leader style music game. They hooked Arduino up to Unity and Ableton Live and used MakeyMakey to make human controllers. - @lizabits

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