News of the Bitosphere - Dec 7, 2015 Hanukkah, BitCraft & More!

#News of the Bitosphere

Caution! Godzilla is wreaking havoc at our Little Maker Americana Chapter in Brazil: (@drthuler)

Community Hall of Fame

Ron Dagdag’s @rlyle78 Augmented Reality LightSaber for #BitWars

Dreidel Workshop - Happy Hannukah!

We featured JennyLC’s project in a Spinning Dreidel Workshop at the littleBits Store and had amazing outcomes! Make your own here! - @kristensmith :star: :smile:


and a Password System for protecting your stuff.


  • How are you announcing your BitWars Events? Below are a couple intergalactic posters from our Community! Make your own poster! Find out more…

Have a fantastic week, friends, and keep those projects coming for the #BitWars contest!!!
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