News of the Bitosphere, Dec 21, 2015: #BitWars, Health & Happiness

#News of the Bitosphere
Can Health and Happiness come from a Vending Machine? :pill: :smiley:

Community 2015 Recap Video

In 2015 our Community took it to a whole new level! It was such a good year! Watch and share it with your friends and family! :smile:
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Community Hall of Fame

  • Medicine Machine by Sky Shin is a machine for water, medicine, and tracking the amount of medicine taken! It looks super official with internal lighting and first aid decorations!

  • X-mas feelings vending machine by Yuziana & family. - “These times, people buy all sort of presents for each other. In the hope they make others happy, and feel loved. But why would you use an intermediate object, if you can buy the feeling itself? This X-mas feelings vending machine distributes real love, adoration and happiness.” Let’s watch Yuziana demonstrate…

All #BitWars, All the Time!

The #BitWars Contest has been EXTENDED to Dec 31, 2015 midnight, EST, which means we have time to watch the movie, open presents, and MAKE EPIC PROJECTS!!! Let’s get inspired by our friends…

  • ​Find more AMAZING #BitWars projects at

Happy Holidays, Bitsters!

Enjoy the rest of 2015!


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