News of the Bitosphere: 2/22/16: Prototyping in Honduras, Tweeting ⚽ Idol, #AnimatronicsChallenge

#News of the Bitosphere!

​Hello from San Pedro Sula, Honduras! Show the world entrepreneurs are here to stay!

Community Hall of Fame

GAME: 100 Mice, presented by Anahit and Astrid, is an Arduino game of chance and skill. You’re the cat, and you want to catch all 100 mice as they light up by pressing paw print buttons! Try making this game at home - it’s a great way to introduce the concept of random to your little coders. Let’s watch a sweet demo video:

​The Internet Needs More of THIS!

Bienvenido al Templo Maradoniano Interactivo is a cloudBit and Arduino project by students and alumni of Brother Barcelona to promote a new course aimed at business creativity in Spain. No need to genuflect! Tweet a summary of your best digital idea
with #ideadelfuturo and baked clay soccer player, Maradona, will reply from his Lego temple with a message that could change your life. Watch NOW for enlightenment en Espanol.


:rabbit: Be quick like a bunny, Bitsters, and upload your #AnimatronicsChallenge creatures and characters by February 29th to win $200 worth of Bits, a mentoring sessions from one of our superstar designers, and that’s not alllll! Read all about it:

Now, let’s review some recent submissions… :slight_smile:

  • Growling Crocodile by @Yuziana … “This crocodile’s roar is made with two oscillators, both set at a very low frequency, one fed through an envelope, the other one mixed directly to a filter and delay.” Two servos move the tail and open the mouth. Let’s watch Yuziana play with it!

  • When designing for the #AnimatronicsChallenge, @Leo Saccomanno from Bariloche Argentina suggests you look around for inspiration “Get inspired by Art and Nature to focus on ideas and discover new things around you.”

  • That’s exactly what Cara L did when she built Robo-Manatee! Says Cara, “I really love manatees, and I might have the opportunity to work with real manatees this summer! Robo-Manatee has made many people smile when I share it with them.” Press on Robo-Manatee’s flipper and watch her “swim”!


Manuel Avendano (@maven), Leader of our San Pedro Sula, Honduras Chapter shared pictures from their most recent Thinkers & Makers event, which focused on the process of rapid prototyping. It was an opportunity for creative kids and adults to get together and MAKE prototypes and new friends! They collaborated on cars, inchworms, lamps, and even a cell phone pan spinner for taking panoramic photos! View more pics here.

Bye, Bitsters! Have a GREAT week! :smiley: :purple_heart:

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#February Community Call

Our Guest Speaker is artist Aparna Rao!
When: Wednesday, February 24, noon EST
Where: The Unhangout Room

Hope to see you there!!! :slight_smile:

Manuel!!! (@Maven) It makes me so happy to see you around all that talented people! And it was really fun trying to find you in that picture :smiley:

I wish you all the luck and keep innovating! I’m sure your local community really needs persons like you :bitstar: