News from the Bitosphere November 16, 2015

#News from the Bitosphere!

  • littleBits + Minecraft? YES!
  • littleBits + Steam Power? Believe it or not, yes!

Saludos desde Argentina and Ottowa!

  • @leo’s nephew ran an entire littleBits event at his school, leaving us super impressed! :bitstar: :star: Says Leo: “It was totally organized by Estani (10). He talked with his friends and teacher, asked permission to his principal, selected the Bits to use, designed the activities, explained littleBits’ basics and assisted everyone during the workshop (together with me and Santi, one of his best friends)."

  • From Ottawa Chapter Leaders @artengine “Our Ottawa Maker Faire this past weekend was huge - by rough estimate I had ~1200 kids at the littleBits Chapter table in two days! They were drawn in like a magnet, more than a few kids had to be dragged away by parents. :)” Pictured above, Jason Cobill. -@nickweinberg

We’re unleashing bitCraft upon the world! :link:

  • @stan_littlebits’s mod allows you to connect tangible Bits to the virtual world of Minecraft. With the soft launch on the forums happening now :link: and an epic rollout approaching, get ready for redstone and EPIC inventions in the coming weeks! We’ll be organizing game nights so everyone has the chance to craft - no previous experience necessary! Just wait - chicken cannons are coming :slight_smile: - @lizabits

Golf-O-Mat & Dadurdays for Everyone!

  • LittleBits Ambassador, William, did an exceptional job concepting obstacles to add to the Golf O Mat this weekend at the store. He was a great teacher to young visitors, engaging them to play with Golf o Mat and add obstacles of their own. Watch this video! :video_camera:

Community Hall of Fame

  • Check out John Flottmeyer’s gem Lego littleBit Pinball Machine:link: ! His clever use of lego gears throughout makes it possible to get the full pinball effect using only four outputs: one DC motor, one servo, and two long led’s. Watch this video to see it in action!


  • Meccano Tractor Engine :link: by @GeorgeA - “Steam-powered model traction engine remotely steered using LittleBits transmitter (w12) and dimmer (i6) with onboard receiver (w11) and servo (o11).” Watch this video for a steam powerd demo!

​Share Your Stories With Us!

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  2. Share on twitter and Instagram using the #InventAnything hashtag. Share photos & links to your creations and meetups. We love hearing your stories!
  3. Connect with others who have done the same!

Bye for now, Bitsters! Have a great week! :smiley: :sunny:

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Saludos desde Bariloche - 4to grado del Colegio del Sol :sunny:
:wave: here’s a video of the event:

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Lots of interesting explorations are going on in Estani’s class! Thanks for sharing, @leo!

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