News from the Bitosphere, Nov 23, 2015

#News from the Bitosphere!

Take the fork bit with you! You’ll need it at your next #BitWars event! :boy: :girl: :smile:

Community Hall of Fame

American Hacker (Marjan) created his Bit Wars BB8 project using the Gizmos & Gadgets KitAmazing! Watch this video for a full demo and explanation:

#BitWars - Choose Your Path!

This week we launched the Ultimate Fan Challenge Ever: #BitWars. If you’re looking for inspiration, below are some fantastic example projects. Upload your project to with #BitWars in the title by Dec 19th for a chance to win $3K trip to the Disney World Star Wars Park, littleBits Kits & more.

Geekiest Costume
Darth Vader’s Glove by Krystal_littleBits

Ultimate Droid
R2D2 bitRobot #BitWars by @drthuler

Here comes the little guy – R2D2 #BITWARS by @ProArtisan

R2D2 and C3P0…Our Sydney Chapters leaders (Amnon & Gabi Carmel) @TechScience are making sample #BitWars projects ahead of their 11/25 event. Find more on their YouTube channel! - @nickweinberg :slight_smile: :star:

Most Legit Lightsaber
lightsaber by ceedub

bitsaber <-- It’s MUSICAL! :musical_note: by Ffion @Radioactive_bird1312

EL lightsaber #BitWars by @lizabits

Award-Winning Film
“#BitWars Yoda Lifts the X-Wing” by @BIrish03

Sidewinder #BitWars by @TomBalzamo

Creative Mornings #BitWars Event!

Participants rocked the first #BitWars workshop! Check out just two of the awesome inventions! - @lizabits :smile: :star:

  • Stately Spinning Queen Amidala by Destiny Arturet.
  • Force Detector, by Ian Cohan-Shapiro and Crew(2) - A machine to detect if you have the Force!

Tweeted from the Agence Uzful event: Prototypes!

Children’s Museum of Art Workshop

  • littleBits took over the Media Lab at Children’s Museum of Art. Families used littleBits to create artworks including stop motion animation where they used light wire and bright bits to draw the background and placed cutouts on top. - @kristensmith :smile: :star:

Tell Us About Your Events!

Enjoy this short week of school and work in the US & have a Happy Thanksgiving! :smile: :corn: :chicken:

If you’re still reading, say hi by replying with a fun Star Wars - related animated gif! :smile:

I’ve got a version 2.0 of C3PO thanks to the super-awesome wireless transmitter / receiver we just got yesterday. Check it out @JackANDJude and @nickweinberg!


SOOOO GOOD!!! I can’t wait to see how you made it on the project page.