Newbie would appreciate some direction

Hello All,

I look forward to learning from and with you.

I am passionate about developing digital literacies in under served communities/learners. I have an opportunity to present a display/table at a local technology museum. I’d like to use Littlebits. However, people tend to walk by in a museum and not stop and play for extended periods of time, such as in a workshop.

Does anyone have any ideas on how one might use Littlebits in this context? Can you think of any “quickbuild” projects or demos to show how fun it can be to learn about technology?

Thank you!

Hi @rgandersen, and welcome! Good question!

If you bought kits, do you think you could use the kit booklets as inspiration? That way if someone did have time to sit down, they would be able to follow some directions. Just a thought… :slight_smile:

What kits/bits do you have?

Hi @rgandersen

That’s a fantastic opportunity you have!

I have a couple of ideas:

  • Create a “display demo” like a robot or something equally flashy, whose purpose is to draw people over. It would sit at eye level to the average adult.
  • For your “quick build” projects they could be simple animatronic type builds, that require only a few bits to build yet have a lot of potential. (An example would be a puppet made from recycled boxes or juice containers with servos and buttons)
  • As @JackANDJude also pointed out, have the kit booklets available and other bits not part of the “quick build” for those that want to dive deeper in creating

There are plenty of great projects here on the site to draw inspiration from!

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