New Synth and Space Booklets!

Hi everyone!

My name is Japjit and I am a recent graduate of Longfields Davidson Heights Secondary School. At the beginning of the school year, I was approached by the school librarian about developing a makerspace in our school. I was ecstatic about the idea and wanted to help.

One of the first gadgets that we acquired for the makerspace was littleBits. We both loved the creativity and endless possibilities that these modules brought to students and teachers. We really wanted to use littleBits in our makerspace; however, the booklets that came in each box were not suited for our environment. If many people wanted to look at a booklet, they would be unable to because of its small size and limited quantity.

Since littleBits are about creating inventions and unleashing creativity, we decided to develop our own booklets for the Synth and Space Kit.

These books where designed using Photoshop and the PDFs of the Space and Synth booklets.

I have incorporated a table of contents and page numbers, as well a custom title and credits page for each book. Both booklets feature qr codes that direct users to this website so that they can explore gadgets created by this community. Furthermore, each book is much larger and laminated so that messages can be written directly onto it.

Linked below is a youtube video of the books I developed.

I hope you enjoy it!


That’s a very thoughtful reorganization of these books. Thanks for sharing, Japjit @LDHSS! :slight_smile: Would you like to post the PDF’s, too?

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Very cool, and fun! I second Jude, can you share the booklet files?

Very cool! Also would love to see the PDFs!