New here - A power exploitation for you little bits users

Hello Everyone,

Didn’t really know how to check to see if this is common knowledge but I find it a useful tool.

If you have an extra little bits power you can put it in front of a second of 2 summed parts with the need of a cable/battery


battery > cable > Power 1(on) > oscillator 1
Power 2 > oscillator 2 >mixer > speaker

the second oscillator will be powered by power 1 even when off. No need for battery and cable either.

osc 1 and 2 are both connected to mixer 1 and 2 if that isn’t clear

There are many applications for this!

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Hi @labs_labs, Welcome to the littleBits forum!

If you look at the schematic for the power bit, you will see it goes:

  • input jack - voltage regulator - thermistor - some capacitors to ground - led - output bitsSnap.

When you put a powered circuit IN to a power bit from the bitSnap, it energizes the positive rail, and turns on the LED. It doesn’t go backward through the voltage regulator however. Having the power bit energize the +5v rail is useful not only for using with the mix bit, but I sometimes do that with my modded arduino bit. I power it through the usb connector. Then I need to power a button or dimmer. Putting an unpowered power bit (or usb power bit) on the input bit will power it so it will work correctly with the arduino.