Need replacement MIDI Bit 1/8" stereo to MIDI DIN cable - what are pinouts?

I have just gotten a Synth Kit for my daughter for Christmas, and bought a used MIDI Bit on Amazon thinking it would be nice for her to use my 61-key MIDI Keyboard controller for her “experiments”.

However, the used MIDI Bit didn’t come with its two cables. The Micro-USB to USB-A cable is easy enough to find, but the 3mm stereo to 5-pin MIDI DIN cable needs to have the correct wiring / pin outs to work properly.

There’s an article on 3mm stereo to 5-pin published by CreateDigitalMusic, reposted here on which shows a diagram of the wiring used by all gear makers except Korg (IK Multimedia, Novation, & Arturia)

Korg, according to the article, however, swaps the sleeve and ring wiring for their adapter used with their SQ-1 sequencer and ElecTribe.

Since the Synth Kit and the MIDI Bit, etc. modules were designed with help from Korg, I assume the MIDI Bit’s wiring for the 3mm stereo to 5-pin MIDI DIN cable are the same as the ones for Korg’s SQ-1 and ElecTribe.

But can someone who knows please confirm this?

Also, if anyone knows where I could order just a replacement 3mm stereo to 5-pin MIDI DIN cable with the correct wiring for the MIDI Bit, that info would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @keithinhanoi,

Your best bet is to email littleBits:

I know it! I know this one!
I just bought a cable tester that tests about every type of audio cable you may encounter, except toslink which is fiber optic.
This is how my littleBits and SQ-1 pin outs are configured…
Only, I notice a caveat, my method for numbering these pins (same as my tester) is not same as yours… I think that these two outside pins have just been swapped from your drawing/illustration, I’ll need to review further, then I’ll edit this post…
It’s just as the article that was mentioned. It is correct, and so is your assumption, that they have used the KORG endorsed pin assignments. I’m going to point out that the LittleBits Synth Kit’s guide book makes references to the Hz/Volt method of CV pitch tracking employed by KORG, Yamaha, and probably others. The LittleBits synth kit pro has a little switch to employ either the Hz/Volt method, OR the Volt/Octave method that seems to be the more ‘generally accepted’ way to track pitch on a non-MIDI analog synth. As I’m currently teaching myself electronics (hence my LittleBits interest) for the sole purpose of taking my music knowledge above and beyond MIDI and bragger’s rights (I have my hands involved more in this creative process than you!), it’s been pointed out many times in forums by EE-types, “It’s MUCH more difficult to make division happen with electronics than subtraction”. So KORG has the more ‘EE-friendly’ design scheme regarding pitch tracking. I’ll end this here by only adding that therefore, KORG&LittleBits has the more ‘musician-friendly’ price point for a MIDI &OR Volts/Octave to Hz/Volt converter (you get one in the synth kit pro!)!
GEEZ! I forgot to post the link to a source where you can buy these nice plugs, and then just solder your own leads and connect them to your 3.5 mm ‘aux’ headphone plug. I think this link offers a very good price, without any need to buy very many…
heres the closest thing I’ve found so far

Hi @keithinhanoi,
Your drawing is correct if you would look at the rear of a female DIN socket ( the solder side ).
I have such a cable and just did the measurements.
Hope this helps,