Need help with fixing a TV

Last year, Almendra made a TV in kindergarten :tv: But it never worked!

We managed to fix the ON/OFF function (when the button is pressed, green light turns on)

But now all we get is a blurry image and noise

Here’s the circuit. Any ideas what might be wrong?

I suspect is the antenna :signal_strength: :smile:

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Great @leo!

You can try the cable TV!

Nice work, I like it and your presentation. I have some suggestions of improvements:

  1. Use a mp3 player bit to work sound
  2. Use some bright led inside the TV and cover the front with some thin paper. Cut some figure in cardboard and place between the leds and the paper, you will see the shadow at dark. Bonus: fix a servo motor in swing mode to move the figure and record funny sound!

Good job!

Publish it at projects page.



Thanks Diego! I’ll share all your ideas with my niece :smile:

We discussed the idea of adding movement. Actually, the screen is made of a white noise image printed in a thick white paper and a blurry image on top, printed in a transparency film. So I suggested using a servo to move the back paper to get a live image. But Almendra didn’t want to use motors since they make noise, and this noise would interfere with the other noise.

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Hi @leo. I love this TV. Very cool :slight_smile:

What could be useful for you is some sort of movement withing your screen. What about using something like the moving background we had at our BitOlympics 3D Printed Minecraft skier?
You’ll need 2 toilet paper rolls, two engines and a couple of extenders, and you can make your own TV shows! You can even include a little moving something in the front instead of the skier, maybe a car race?

Here is the page project of that project I mentioned:

if the link doesn’t work (I had some issues with it earlier), you can see the video that explains how it works as the part of this video:
Let me know if you have any questions.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


@leo please thank Almendra for sharing her cool project! I bet she could make a radio, too! :radio:


I will pass her your message @JackANDJude, and I’m sure she will love all this great feedback!

@techscience: the Minecraft skier is one of my favorites BitOlympics project and it sounds great trying to make something similar :smile:

By the way, I made a pre-made TV platform, so if Almendra wants to keep her project as it is, we can explore your ideas together with @drthuler ideas to see what is the outcome of this collaboration.

The new TV is based on part of a screen @Vloshmow found some time ago and we always wanted to make something cool with it.

It has 4 mounting boards inside and a volume control with integrated ON/OFF switch.

What it does? I don’t know yet :satellite: :alien:

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