Multiple power bits - safe?

Hello all!

I was wondering if it’s safe to have 2, 3 or even 4 power bits in the same circuit? It won’t overload anything?

An example would be if you have:

Power > Oscillator > Mix In 1 > \

Power > Oscillator > Mix In 2 > – Mix > Speaker

I know this simple circuit can be done with one power supply using a Split module, but if you don’t have one spare to use is it ok to have both power modules in the same circuit?

Hey @Ultima2876 ,

I’m going to get a good response for you on this question. Let you know!

Hey @Ultima2876,

The configuration you describe, 2 power modules, 2 oscillators, 2 mix, and 1 speaker is safe.

In general it is possible to use multiple power bits in a circuit, We don’t usually recommend it unless you absolutely need the extra power–for example you are driving multiple motors, you have a very long chain of modules, or you have multiple cloudBit modules in a circuit. In those cases, add the power modules as close as possible to (that is, as few bitSnaps away from) the modules that need additional power. (A common setup that I use is: Power > AND > DC Motor. The other input on the AND is then controlled by the rest of my circuit, and I don’t have to worry about the DC motor not getting enough juice).

If you are ever unsure, just post your circuit and we’ll let you know.

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@Patrick_littleBits you mentioned my cloudbit may not be getting enough power (it’s switching between purple and yellow light but not sending signal).

I have it plugged into power outlet wall adaptor. The circuit then goes wire, sound trigger, wire, wire, bar graph light, cloudbit, led long light.

Where would I add another powerbit (9v?)? Use AND to chain it in between bar graph light and cloudbit?

Thank you!

Hello @itchyfoots,

To be honest with you it would be helpful if you could place a wall adapter power right before the cloudBit (or as close to it as possible). The cloudBit requires a lot of power, and consistently, and having 3 wire bits fall before it is probably where the issue is being caused.

Could you describe how the circuit is supposed to work, maybe we could come up with a solution that will include enough power.

Hi @Patrick_littleBits!
Re-gigged the circuit to move the cloud bit closer to power. It now goes wall plug, sound trigger, cloudbit, wire, wire, bar graph light. I don’t have an AND bit, but do have a Double AND if that would work for power. (see images below)
The cloudbit now just stays purple light rather than alternating with yellow.


Aw drats @itchyfoots,

I am going to reach out to you from our support system, expect my email shortly!