Multiple Micro Sequencers

How do I connect two sequencers so I can get 8 step sequences?

Do you mean like this:

i found this (old) thread and was also trying to do this sort of thing, would be cool if the mini seqs could be strung together like this, but i’m afraid this trick calls for an arduino bit or other deus ex machina “cheat” to resolve, hehe.

this is a neat solution ybakos, but i believe the OP was asking about having 2 mini sequencer bits (this should have been more explicitly stated by the OP, as the actual “sequencer” bit already has 8 steps) linearly perform as a single 8 step sequence, so that once step 4 was reached on mini seq. 1, the first step of mini seq. 2 would seamlessly trigger after the synchronized step time of step 4 had passed, and then loop back to step 1 of mini seq. 1 after all 8 steps had passed. the ybakos solution staggers the stepping between the two mini seqs, which does indeed provide 8 unique steps (really cool!), but is not the traditional approach that i am after. indeed, a circuit design where an arbitrary number of mini seqs could be chained up to get, say, 16 steps if desired, would be really nice.

well, i arrived at a (partial?) solution. using some splitters, some logic bits, and a latch bit, this successfully steps through the 1st mini seq, then the 2nd, then back to the first, as desired.

the latch gets toggled every time the master seq. hits steps 1 and 5, and this allows the logic bits attached to the 2 mini seqs to gate the input to each mini seq, allowing each to run 4 steps at a time.

however, as you can see in the video, there is a bit of a problem with the master sequencer bit in this setup, it seems to not really provide a matching interval after each 4 steps (resulting in an unwanted “swing” effect — deliberately adding a control for a swing would be nice, but here i really want this to have a consistent 8-step interval.) i don’t know if it is because of the main sequencer itself or if there is some kind of latency introduced with the logic and latching. maybe someone has ideas on how to tighten this up.

check the video for my bit chain:

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Muchachotron- Thank you for posting an example,… this is something I’ve been thinking about how to do. Have been thinking about going the SQ1 or BeatStep route- but seeing your video has given me some ideas. If I have any luck- will post. Thank you again.

Did you try pendulum mode on the min sequencer bit? That may get rid of the gap between steps 4 and 5.