mp3-player SD card replacement

Set up:
Tried to replace the original micro-sd that came with this module:

  • With a 64GB card (not empty)
  • Added a valid mp3 file I named “01_sound.mp3”
  • Set mode to “Once”
  • Ingress module: push-button module to trigger play
  • Egress module: speaker module

Result: apparently same behavior as when card not present


  • Is an image (firmware?) necessary for this sd-card? If so, could you please share it? If not, what the replacement policy?
  • Is there a sd card max size limitation? If so, what is it?
  • Can the card contain other types of files/folder?

Hi @surfo,
Unfortunately, the MP3 player does NOT support SDXC cards out of the box. An SDXC card is any SD card with a capacity of 32GB or more.

In case you’re curious why this isn’t supported, all SDXC cards come pre-formatted with the exFAT file system. This file system is a Microsoft proprietary system and would require us to pay for additional licensing to support it.

One thing you can try doing is, re-formatting your SDXC card to the FAT32 file system and it will likely work. I will give this a try myself and report back.

I just tested a 64GB SDXC card which I formatted as FAT32 and it works just fine. So, as long as you re-format your card you should be good to go!

Awesome. Thanks, Rory!

I have had almost the same issue with my setup. i have a 8GB micro SDHC class 1 card formatted to FAT32 with a CORRECTLY named file. The imput module is wierd. My power supply broke within 5 Days of purchase, so i used the wire bridge thing to make a power supply and i have a light sensor as a power processor (for some reason it needs this) and a temperature sensor as an imput. my button broke about a year ago. The output is a 16WMS wireless contol module spliced to a 60w speaker.
(PS: if you think its because of the weird power supply deal, its not. it has worked before.)