Monthly events starting in blaine, MN

I’m partnering with my local Barnes and Nobles to host a littlebits event every 3rd sunday of the month. they will be putting the info on their website, and i’ll be adding it here too.

for the month of Febuary we are having a Littlebits/Hexbug obstacle course.
where children, families and adults will bring in their Hexbugs and race through an obstacle course created using Littlebits. they will have to set off lights and trigger sounds.
I’m very excited about this one. as Hexbugs have been out for quite a while and many people have them, i thought this would be the perfect first event, using a familiar product to introduce them to the world of Littlebits.

I’ll be posting more pictures and details of the obstacle course as things unfold.
Would love to hear feedback.


Details for Feburary.
Feb 21st at 3pm.
Barnes and Noble event page
Hexbug racing and LittleBits obstacle course.

Bring your hexbug, or purchase one onsite.
there will be a hexbug race for the little ones, and a Littlebits Powered obstacle course for Elementary and up. Crowds permitting participants will be able to use the Littlebits to make their own obstacles for the other contestant to try to over come.
We will provide the Littlebits, but please bring your own hexbug for racing.