Module to convert incoming piezo-mic voltage into midi note data

I need a module that will use incoming piezo mic voltages (from tap dancing on a
mic’d surface) to create various pitched notes… my first thought is a piezo-mic voltage to MIDI note data converter, but I imagine there may also be solutions involving using the piezo-mic voltage to directly control the midi note data on a synth module…
I would be very grateful for any ideas and suggestions regarding how I might do this…
Thanks much in advance,
Bob e Thomas

Hi @robertcthomas !
The idea you suggested can be done with littlebits and some electronics at the side !
You need for each piezo an op amp amplifier, followed by a opamp threshold so the output will be a clean 5V pulse.
Then, connect all these outputs to a resistor divider network, so you’ll end up with an analogue voltage, ranging from 0V to 5V, depending on the piezo triggered. Feed this voltage into the littlebits oscillator synth, combined with other bits to create the sound you need.
Et voilà, there you got your piezo synth !
And don’t forget to publish this invention !