Minecraft Education Edition

Microsoft has just released Minecraft Education Edition.
It would be great to get it working with the BitCraft mod. If someone if working on this or has more info please let us know. (p.s. I’m totally a newbie in Minecraft…)

(sorry if what I’m about to say doesn’t make any sense to you) The mod would have to be updated to 1.10. which would be fairly hard because it just came out, unless the Education Edition runs on a different version. Do you know? (p.s. I’m a Minecraft Expert :stuck_out_tongue: and redstone expert)

Just joined the Forum today – have a question about the LittleBits-Bukkit plug-in.

But saw this question about Minecraft Education Edition – as you may know now, it is based on the MinecraftPE codebase, not the Java-based Minecraft, so it doesn’t support mods/plug-ins at this time.