The MIDI module seems to trigger the envelope generator on note ons as well as (sometimes) note offs. Also, the voltage to the oscillators jumps to a new value when a key is released. Is there some trick to using this?

I have the output connected to the input of the oscillator, and the trigger out connected to the envelope generator.

Hello, @ned3000! :smile: Thank you for the description of your circuit. Can you please upload a short video of what is happening?

Also @ned3000 it might be helpful to have you write us an email at support@littlebits.cc and let us know how it goes, if you’re still having an issue we’ll work to get you up and running!

Sounds like the bit is not treating Note on with velocity of 0 as a note off. To drive the oscillator bit on its own, the voltage output should drop to 0 volt on note off. This is not going to be what you want if you are using the envelope generator with a slow decay/release, in this case you want the last value to be held.

I’ve got the same problem. LittleBits MIDI module is connected to Ableton but it triggers at both the start and end of a note. I believe that Ableton is sending a “NoteOff” as a “NoteOn” with velocity 0, but the MIDI module doesn’t treat this as a NoteOff, and simply sends a trigger again.

Anyone found a solution? Has this been fixed in an updated firmware for the MIDI module?

I’m also having the same problem, I’m using Reaper(DAW) to send MIDI signals to the Littlebits module, as soon as I stop sending any note/signal the MIDI module triggers an on value.

I checked the midi monitor inside the DAW to rule out if the problem was Reaper, but it is not the case, it is sending an off note after the key/note is released.

I think the littlebits MIDI module is not recognizing the incoming off signal.

Is there any solution to this issue?