Midi keyboard for midi bit

I have two midi keyboards but they are only powered by usb so I can not use them whith the midi-bit as this bit do not give power out.
Any suggestion how to solve this?

Hello, @janmelin! :smiley:

If your midi keyboard does not have an extra usb out, you can hook the keyboard to the computer then run some software to get the usb midi in to the usb midi out of the midi bit. On windows, there is free software like VST host that does this task very well. Of course any modern DAW will be able to do this too. :sparkles:

If you don’t want a computer involved, you will need to get a midi keyboard with regular 5 pin din midi out. The midi bit comes with a break out cable just for that. Unfortunately, lots of newer midi controllers are usb only. You will need to ask your local dealer which ones have “regular” midi outputs. It’s an old standard, but it still works. :vhs:

Thems the breaks. Either you use a computer as a midi manager, or you buy a new controller with oldschool midi. :fearful:

However, it is possible to mod the Arduino bit to provide power over usb. It may also be possible to connect the littleBits power to the usb power outputs on the midi bit too. That would be more of a question for the support staff.

Thank you very much for your tips. I think there will be a solution for me.

Do you think it is possible to use a powered usb hub?

You can’t use a usb hub without a computer. It will send power, but it isn’t smart enough to send the midi data without a computer. Remember, your midi controller has both usb in and out on the same data line, normal midi is one way. That means a computer has to decode what goes where.

People have modded Raspberry Pi Linux computers to act as simple usb midi managers.

One cheap option for a keyboard with real (non-usb) midi out is actually the Rockband 3 keyboard controller. It can still be found used at GameStop for like $3.

Perfect. Thank you very much for the advice. I have already ordered the keyboard from a nearby shop.

Now I have got the Rockband 3 keyboard that you often can find on Ebay for less than 10 dollar.
It works great with the LB Midi bit. Together with that bit and two LB CV bits it even works fine as a Midi to CV converter for analogue synths like Moog Werkstatt. One CV bit for pitch and one for gate.