Midi bit power out?

I have a midi keybord with only one connector, usb/midi. There are no batteries so the keyboard get its power from usb.
As I understand the midi bit does not have usb power out. Correct?
If so, is there any way I can use my keyboard with the midi bit?
Would it be possible to use a usb hub in a way so I can connect the keyboard to both the midi bit and an usb charger for the power?

The answer should be yes, you can use them together.

  1. Does the documentation for your keyboard include a diagram or explanation of the midi output (and input) using your connector? You will need to find the wires from your keyboard that match the wires that the littlebits midi bit wants…

What you are describing is the issue with usb midi out only on many keyboard controllers. You will be able to power your keyboard, but the midi bit will not be able to receive the information because it is not a usb host like your computer. The only way to do this is to have a usb host receive the midi information from the keyboard and then retransmit it back to the midi bit as a separate midi out. you could build a usb to midi interpreter with an arduino, but it will require a usb host adapter shield, and then using a midi library, refire it back out a 5 pin midi port. Hope this helps.