Micro Sequencer Triggers


I noticed the micro sequencer outputs a trigger on every step, even if the step is ‘muted’ by turning the knob all the way to the left. What happens is: the trigger out of micro seq is going to the envelope trigger in, it will repeat the last note’s pitch for the each of the steps that are meant to be silent as the oscillator is set from the last active step, but the envelope is opening at each step regardless. Is there a way to use only the steps which are active to send triggers? To an envelope, for instance. I was thinking threshold bit might do the job if set on the output of the sequencer bit… but i don’t got that one.

Hi @friendly, welcome on the forum !

I tried the threshold bit, but unfortunally it did not work as you thought, because all pulses have the same level on the active and the muted channels.

But I tried the following circuit and maybe you can use it…
I used the double AND bit (W4) with it’s inputs connected to the trigger output from the micro sequencer and to the output bitsnap from the synth speaker.
Now the output from this AND bit only sends a trigger when the micro sequencer makes a step AND the synth speaker is active. This results in no trigger on the muted channels…
Channel 2 and 4 are active and channel 1 and 3 are muted.
The only funny thing is that the triggers are not 5 Volt but 3 Volt. Maybe this works for you…

See this little video:


hey @alexpikkert, thanks for testing my idea out for me!

Glad to know it can be done. I was also just thinking now, maybe an arduino bit would do the job too. Easy to set up simple logic like this in there as well, but again i haven’t the right blobs to test it myself yet.

Anyway, cheers for the video.

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Thanks @friendly,
Indeed an Arduino could fix this (and much more), it might be a little overkill…
Please share your final project with us… :blush: