Mechanical Engineering Resources

People on the community call have asked for some mechanical engineering resources. Think of this thread as a penny bowl. Need a penny? Take a penny. Have a penny? Leave a penny. (Replace “penny” with mechanical engineering ideas, solutions and links.)

  1. 507 Mechanical Movements, a 1908 publication by Henry T. Brown, which has been animated by the interwebs just for you! … and you and you and you!

  2. Lego technic Tora no maki by Isogawa Yoshihito, who has authored several visual lego guide books to making gadgets and contraptions. I’ve easily spent days with his books, and I subscribe to his YouTube channel.


I discovered Yoshihito from his book The Lego Mindstorms EV3 Idea Book. It’s a picture book of Lego EV3 contraptions that move in various ways. My project, Interspecies Communications used contraptions from this book. Anyone using Lego devices should be familiar with this “Lego Luminary”.

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I own a few boxes with construction material from Fischertechnik, made in Germany.
I think it can be combined with Littlebits as construction material to make interesting projects. They have plenty components to build dynamic and static things.
For product information you can take a look at their youtube channel.

They do have retailers in the US and Canada also:


Even more videos:

A really nice example of a Fishertechnik sorting machine, that could be controlled by Littlebits electronic:

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How to Make A Cardboard Prototype

by Quirky