May 13th at noon EST #latinamerica Community Call

@maria_renard justo estaba por subir un evento! Si querés nos encontramos en Unhangout y lo hacemos juntos :smile:

Hi @maria_renard! If you’re logged in under @cosoriou’s user name, you’ll be able to add events to your Chapter page as the admin:

Let me know if you have any questions!

mil gracias @leo! en estos momentos voy saliendo de la of eso sí… estarás más tarde?

Thanks so much @nickweinberg! I will let you know if I have any :smile:

Estimad@s…estuvo de verdad genial :smiley: Tenemos que reperitlo… Switch to English so others know what we are up to.

Tomorrow @maria_renard and I will be going to the FIISkids (Int´l Fair in Social Innovation) meeting and let you know about it.