Mass deployment of cloudBits // Workshop user account

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We were wondering how people prepare for workshops with more than one cloudBit in use.

Is there a possibility to disable “Change Password” or “Buy tons of bits in the shop”? Kind of read only account where people could controll their cloudBits?

We had one where we had to setup and connect 12 cloudBits which are tethered to one account. We learned that for the next time we will use one account for each cloudBit as this has some advantages when using IFTTT. But this would mean 12 accounts where people COULD order stuff and we have to login to 12 different accounts when setting up a new workshop. Is there some easier way to do this? @nickweinberg, any idea?



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Great question @matthiasmwolf. @syedBits / @JackANDJude, do you have any thoughts on this?

Hi @matthiasmwolf! Thank you for bringing up this topic. I’ve contacted cloud support to let them know this is an option workshop leaders would like to see. They informed me they are exploring the idea for the future, but don’t have an immediate solution.

What I usually do is to put a tiny name tag on each cloudBit like 'mycloud1, mycloud2, mycloud3…'which matched to names on the cloudcontrol and distribute it. Every cloudBits can share one littleBits account (which I made for workshop) even while each workshop participant uses their own IFTTT account. I think it’s better to prepare all the cloudbit connected to the wifi AP before the workshop begin, because it often causes problem when we try setting up many number of cloudBits at the same time in the same room.
‘Disabling password change’ feature is a good idea for workshops of course!

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Yeah, that’s what I did so far as well. They all have names like Peach, Banana, Apple, Kiwi, etc. Still this means that you can change only one cloudBit at a time.

What I didn’t know is that it is possible to link one littleBits account to several IFTTT accounts. That makes things a bit easier.

Still looking forward to some workshop account features like ‘Disable password change’ and ‘Buy tons of littleBits’.

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