Making a ring modulator for my synth

It strikes me that using the XOR module for ring modulation is fun but not the real deal.

The circuit to build a ring of germanium thingies (diodes?) doesn’t look too tough but can I get some advice?

  • how do I select components so they are rated appropriately for the littlebits architecture?
  • how do I get around that a ring modulator needs 2 inputs? Can I just attach another connector to the side of a perf board? Or do the power rails get in the way?

Of course, if there is just a newb thread I should just read first, just point me to it - I can never find diddly in forums

hope to hear from you,

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Hi Stuart @stuartboldt,
I searched also on the forum and could not find a topic related to ring modulation
For building a prototype you can use all kinds of components, only use 5 Volt and a load current that can be delivered by the power bit.
There are restrictions however for input and output impedances and possible voltage overloads, see several bit diagrams available in the shop

You are right about the perf board, building a bitsnap on the side will not be possible due to the power rail on the board. But you could use the grey bitsnaps with a piece of standard perforated board with small copper islands.
This will need nice handcrafting

There are many many ring modulation diagrams on the internet, for example:
Some use little audio transformers, I think these will be too large to be used in a Littlebits bit design
I hope this answers part of your questions

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Hi Stuart @stuartboldt,
This could be interesting for you : :smile: