Invites :) Autoreplicating Post

Hey everyone, I have some invitations to Beta test If you want to join as an Early Adopter just let me know!


Yes please! Looks interesting, would be happy to join.

ok, tell me your email and I will send you the invitation :smile:

Yes please me too. I would like to join if the spots are still available.

yes! I only need your email to send it

Would love one - thanks!

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I would love to take one!

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Hi leo, I’m interested too :smile: is it too late?

I am hoping to help org the Maker Faire here in Lyon, France this fall.
Could you tell me more about this site and its purpose?

@conniechowpetit you are on time :smile: just send me your email and I will send you the invitation.

Oh gosh, 4 days since you first posted… I hope that there is still a spot free for someone from Europe :grinning:

@matthiasmwolf I sent you the last one :slight_smile: thanks everyone for your interest! (@jackiegerstein I still have one reserved for you)

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Nice! Thank you!

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@leo I have 10 invites if anyone is still interested, could we use this thread?

@conniechowpetit sure!

Send me one please.

Done! :smile:

9 invites remaining!

@conniechowpetit thanks for the invite! I now have 10 invites if anyone wants as well!

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Any invitations left for
my email is

Hi Trino, how are you?
Sorry but I can’t help you right now. says: We are not currently adding members to the MakerSpace BETA. There will be new opportunities for you to be part of a new platform in 2017. We thank you for your interest and support.

If I’m part of the new platform, and I can send new invitations, I’ll send you one!

See you around :slight_smile:

Thank you Leo.

Keep in touch.

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