Make: Upcycle Something In Your House

Thanks for the links @JackANDJude , I made a project page. My first one! It’s in my original post, but here it is again.


BOOM @Jjjllybean. We should have a Pet-Remote-Feeder design-off and show the range of ideas for this.

Well done and welcome to the littleBits-makerly community!

Just started the first virtual Rube-Goldberg Machine, Version 0.1: Feel free to have a look at it.

Isn’t it crazy, that such a contraption isn’t bound to a single place anymore and could span the whole globe? Think about a global Rube-Goldberg Machine connecting thousands of crazy bitsters, LEGOists, OK Go-ers, hackers, artists and so on. I love the idea.

Anyone who wants to join me, drop me a note. I will set up a homepage on some time later.



@matthiasmwolf I’ve been wanting to join you in your quest to make a global chain reaction with the cloudBit. I think about it sometimes… :thought_balloon:

I saw this article on interesting art piece today, and it reminded me of it in a big way.
Over 300 Artists Link Up in an International Game of Telephone

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Just had fun making a night light made out of a paper house I created.


I’m all ears :smile:

I’ve had to take a little break from my own #InventAnything project for my real world job and family responsibilities this week. BUT, my daughter had an Invention Convention project to make.

I’ll just cut and paste her summary of her project here. She’s in Kindergarten. :wink:
PS… I have some brick adapters at my office, but I forget them so we used tape instead. Ha. She built the entire remote holder, I just helped her rig up the littleBits inside the base.

My invention is the Apple Remote Finder. We made this finder because we keep losing the small remote. The finder is built with Legos so we can make it bigger. We added a light and a sound sensor to find it at night. This invention will help people who always lose their Apple TV remotes.

Thanks for the tip! I uploaded it to the projects page. Still figuring out how all the forums work. :wink:

This is adorable! What’s also great is that it solves a problem you have. :strawberry:
Please share this on the project page so it can get more attention, and also please thank your daughter for allowing us to see her idea! :smile:

Here are some Project Upload Pointers.