Make: Upcycle Something In Your House

Here is mine
Laptop Closer

Hello @itchyfoots Kelly :slight_smile: I like the litter box alert- I know I could use one too…what issue are you encountering with the cloudbit?

Figured it out - there is a delay from when cloudbit it activated to it showing up in google drive via ifttt receipe. While testing some wouldn’t show up but thinking with delay that maybe triggering it too close together. Thanks!

In the olden days, I used really low tech to keep the dog off the furniture (like aluminum foil). Today, we can go high tech!

Dog Off the Couch!

littleBits really lends itself to a “rapid prototyping” design lifecycle… try something quickly for proof of concept, like I did with this, then refine it. I think learning about the design process can be helpful to people who aren’t sure where to start. You can use a traditional “waterfall” model (sequential: propose… specify… design… build… debug) or “spiral” (iterative: propose… build… refine… rebuild… refine… rebuild…).

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@chloeatplay: the cloudbit is back not working again. It just alternates between yellow and purple light [about ten second between each]. How to fix? Thank you

Hi @itchyfoots! oh no, sorry to hear :slight_smile: Please write at so you can egt some help from our customer support ninjas!

Hi Kelly! It sounds like your cloudBit is power-cycling.

It’s most likely trying to draw too much (either there are too many modules connected or you’re using wires or forks in front of the cloudBit).

Additionally, please make sure you’re using usb->wall adapter for power.

I’d like to hear more about your project (even if it is a work in progress) perhaps on the Project Buzz area of the forum:

You can post a new topic with your pics there, details, ideas, etc.

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@JackANDJude @chloeatplay nothing back from support yet but saw on another forum about adding in extra power. I’ve messaged @Patrick_littleBits in that forum for more detail.

I have it plugged into power outlet wall adaptor. The circuit then goes wire, sound trigger, wire, wire, bar graph light, cloudbit, led long light.

Will get my project up today, I should be able to make it on time for the call today too! :smile:


Hi everyone! I’m brand new to little bits so I just modeled by upcycle after the Remote Pet Feeder project. I didn’t have a lot of the materials that are show in the base, so I decided to upcycle a sturdy box. I am not strong enough to unscrew the servo to mount inside/outside the box so I just taped it to the top. My triggers are time and texting #feedkitty to ifttt This was soooo fun to make and see in action!!
[Remote Cat Feeder][1]


Cool, make, @Jjjllybean :slight_smile: . Your cat looked startled at first, but then decided it was a good thing. :smile_cat:

Can you please add this to the project page, and then share the link to that project here? Here are some pointers for posting to the project page.

Thanks for the links @JackANDJude , I made a project page. My first one! It’s in my original post, but here it is again.


BOOM @Jjjllybean. We should have a Pet-Remote-Feeder design-off and show the range of ideas for this.

Well done and welcome to the littleBits-makerly community!

Just started the first virtual Rube-Goldberg Machine, Version 0.1: Feel free to have a look at it.

Isn’t it crazy, that such a contraption isn’t bound to a single place anymore and could span the whole globe? Think about a global Rube-Goldberg Machine connecting thousands of crazy bitsters, LEGOists, OK Go-ers, hackers, artists and so on. I love the idea.

Anyone who wants to join me, drop me a note. I will set up a homepage on some time later.



@matthiasmwolf I’ve been wanting to join you in your quest to make a global chain reaction with the cloudBit. I think about it sometimes… :thought_balloon:

I saw this article on interesting art piece today, and it reminded me of it in a big way.
Over 300 Artists Link Up in an International Game of Telephone

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Just had fun making a night light made out of a paper house I created.


I’m all ears :smile:

I’ve had to take a little break from my own #InventAnything project for my real world job and family responsibilities this week. BUT, my daughter had an Invention Convention project to make.

I’ll just cut and paste her summary of her project here. She’s in Kindergarten. :wink:
PS… I have some brick adapters at my office, but I forget them so we used tape instead. Ha. She built the entire remote holder, I just helped her rig up the littleBits inside the base.

My invention is the Apple Remote Finder. We made this finder because we keep losing the small remote. The finder is built with Legos so we can make it bigger. We added a light and a sound sensor to find it at night. This invention will help people who always lose their Apple TV remotes.

Thanks for the tip! I uploaded it to the projects page. Still figuring out how all the forums work. :wink:

This is adorable! What’s also great is that it solves a problem you have. :strawberry:
Please share this on the project page so it can get more attention, and also please thank your daughter for allowing us to see her idea! :smile:

Here are some Project Upload Pointers.