Make: "It's New to You" Bit

Hey, friends! Here’s a video from William (WCR). He commented on my Instructables with a video of his “SimpleBits, Ebits” Check it out! :smile: I invited him to come here and say hi. :smile:
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This is interesting because there are only 2 connections instead of 3 (lately, since getting into twi, I’ve been wanting 4 connectors.) This is much simpler than using 3 connectors from the circuit design standpoint, however it seems it would be a problem when designing digital devices, such as arduino or number bits.

I hope William Ribeiro does join us - I’d love to hear how he mixes his power and signals into a single line. I’ve read of, but never used something called a one wire interface.

ps, I want to see more of his robot work as well!

In your opinion, the LittleBits is more focused on teaching or entertainment?
If be teaching, would be teaching more physics or electronics?
thank you :smiley: