Make it Dance!

#Make it Dance!
Hello friends! Did you have a good week? For this weekend project, let’s choreograph our bits! That means we will use the microphone, sound trigger, light sensor (and other inputs as you see fit) to trigger lights and motors. Let’s do it!
:microphone: :dancer:

#Design Challenge

How would you choreograph an object in the real world with littleBits? When we asked for your ideas on this during the Community Call, you had lots to offer!

  • Use inputs like the microphone, light sensor or sound trigger
  • to activate outputs like leds or motors
  • resulting in synchronized movement to sound!
  • Try adding to the mix the mp3 player or your favorite synth bits!

#Inspiration, Examples and Support

Making things move Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks: Microphone

#From Our Fellow Bitsters:
Speech Puppet by Pantograph

Happy Hair Day by Gail Rosen @zoomgali

Acoustic Coupling with littleBits and Scratch by @abee

Lego Sound Controlled Car by @virgilm

#From the Community Call

How would you choreograph an object in the real world with littleBits?
(chat excerpt)
@Milind: Kettle drum played with littlebits: Acoustic (electro-acoustic) Music Generator

@Arjun: Here’s the synth controlled cowbell:

@Milind: Dancing balloons attached to servos.

@dalerogers: You could use vibration bits and a plate with marbles or glitter on the plate and receive inputs from the synth bit to the vibration motor creating vibration patterns on the plate. Something like a oven plate would work.

@Milind: I can make nail dance with magnets under table/paper.

@alexpikkert: Magnets is a great idea so you can hide the way it is activated.

@Milind: Yes and you can use any of bits that move to change magnet positions

@alexpikkert: Servos can move if you build 4 together, they are strong enough to dance…

@dalerogers: I just had another idea, Everyone loves fire. This one is a little dangerous. It would be really cool to make a rubens tube and have the speaker bit make the flames dance.

#Share Your Project

Upload your project to littleBits Project Page and post the link below. Make sure in your upload, you mention

  • The specific bits you used in the project
  • Reflect on what did you do 1st, 2nd and 3rd
  • a video of your project working

Remember this is a community who loves sharing work in progress smile Don’t be shy to share your piece even if it is not finished yet and ask in the Project Buzz category in the forum for help. :smile:


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Hi @JackANDJude
Jude, which link should I post ? It is not fully clear to me…
I can upload a project but what should I do more ?
Must I use a certain project title or not ?

Hey, man! Post your project on the project page - call it what you will. Then copy the link to your project and paste it in a reply here. :smile:

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Ok, I made littleBits dance with Lego EV3! When I discovered that Lego used a proprietary variant of I2R (proprietary!!?? Who does that any more!), I figured that I would never be able to match up littleBits with Lego peripherals.

Unless I taught them to dance, that is!

For the following project I combined the button, timeout, and a servo with a Lego EV3.
First I made a Lego thing that would push a button, then I made a littleBits thing that would also push a button (in a completely different way, each using the style of the system it was built with), finally I hooked them together, and added the timeout to keep their steps in time:

Interspecies Communication


Finally !
Mr. LittleBit finished his dancing class…


amazing project @JackANDJude :smiley:

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If you have time this weekend, @FunRobotics, submit your own project for this design prompt. I haven’t posted one yet, but I am working on it now. :wink: The dancing Mr. LittleBit that you like is by @alexpikkert. He’s pretty cool, and has good taste in music :wink: :musical_keyboard:


@alexpikkert, @chris101, @funrobotics, here’s Cadburry doin the Bunny Hop for our weekend project: :rabbit: :bitstar:

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Hey, friends, check out this!
Dancing Paper Robot by @macinspires

Follow this big purple link for the newest design prompt:

Make it for Mom!

Here is Moby v2! To educate and entertain my daughters kindergarten class. They loved it!

Thanks for reminding us to post the video @JackANDJude

See the project at