Loads of noise when using CV module

I just got a volca kick which I was planning to use alongside my littlebits. The problem is that using the CV module to synch them produces a LOT of noise on the littlebits, to the point where it is unusable. I’ve tried using the LB as master and the Volca as master and it makes no difference to the output noise. I’ve also tried using a Beatstep Pro with Littlebit swith the same result.
Basically, the CV modules produce ongoing noise even when the volume on the littlebits is turned right down which is baffling. I’ve put a ground loop isolator on the output to no avail.

I’ve done a test and the constant noise doesn’t happen when listening through the speaker alone, only when connecting the speaker output to anything else. So basically I can’t record or play through any system

Hi @mowgli,
Did you try to power your bits with a battery instead of a wall wart power connection just to check if the noise disappears?
If so, the noise is generated by your wall wart power connection…
I know many little cheap power plug-in connectors generate high levels of noise into the system they are connected to…

I too have experienced noise from cheap switch mode wall warts. I did make them go away with a fairly humble ground loop isolator but I gave that away to another littleBits user so I’m stuck on battery power for now.

I have an old fashioned transformer based power supply (if it’s heavy it’s a real transformer) and that works cleanly. It claims 12v but multimeter shows about 18v (unloaded) so I need to check what’s really coming out of that, e.g. could be rectified only with no smoothing. Power module is marked 9-12 so I don’t want to cook anything.

Perhaps you could accept the noise whilst noodling and then when you want to record it switch to battery briefly? That would avoid wasting battery. Or use rechargeable?

BTW, I found when the battery starts going flat the oscillators tuning changes so watch out for that too.

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