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We’re super impressed with the ongoing communication on the littleBits forum over the years. We’re excited to be back in the fold. You are some of our most loyal fans and we want to continue to share content and ideas that are relevant to you. We also want to hear what DIY projects you’ve been working on, the latest bits (or other tools) you’ve been using, and see your inventions!

To kick things off, I’m excited to share that we have an open-call out to any educator interested in hosting a littleBits BitCamp workshop with 15-20 of your colleagues. In exchange for your time and effort, we’ll provide you with all the support materials needed for success (including a workshop deck, Workshop Set or similar, Hall of Fame Kits) as well as a $350 stipend!

In just two short weeks, several teachers have already stepped up to host workshops and invited 15 educators to attend from their community. Attendees were invited to explore littleBits with fun inventions and chat about classroom application.

For any teachers out there, this is a great opportunity to show your peers how they can boost student engagement with an open-an-go STEAM solution suited for any learning experience or subject. From an Aha Moment in a workshop with you, we seek to build a bridge to encourage incorporating littleBits in the classroom and beyond.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today!

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Hi Vicki, welcome back!! We’ve been waiting for you :smiley:

I’m super excited to see how things are developing in littleBits world! It’s amazing to see all the things that happened over these years, and truly inspiring to see how the company keeps inventing, without being afraid of making changes.

I want to say thanks to everyone that helped make this place feel like home for me, and specially to the extraordinary humans that kept this forum alive with their support and kindness. @JackANDJude, @alexpikkert and @chris101 thank you and sorry for falling off the radar too.


Hi Leo! Thanks for the warm welcome. I’m excited to connect with you and the rest of the members here to learn about your work and expanding access to STEAM learning. Drop a line and let us know what you’re up to!


You’re welcome! I’ve been treated so nice here that the least I can do is giving some of the warmness back.

Now, I’m up to think how I can help a secondary school in La Rioja, Argentina to integrate technology and programming skills in the classroom. Maybe as a one time inspirational workshop, or something more engaging in time.

And also remixing a project to make a robot that can emphatize with people through the emotions they express on their social networks. I need a lot of help with that too.

That sounds amazing! Please share what you bring to the school in La Rioja! If we can help assist, with content ideas or lesson plans, please reach out.

I’m interested in your robot project as well. Empathy is an important element to healthy relationships and we could use more of it on social media for sure. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for your interest and willing to help!

The school project might evolve in a workshop for educators. I’m thinking of using the Code Kit + Expansion Pack (Computer Science) as a reference. Do you have some content ideas or lesson plans in Spanish?

And regarding the robot, I guess I should start a new topic on that, but the idea is to combine littleBits with artificial intelligence using or something similar (I’m a complete newbie on this, but I think is cool enough to give it a try).

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The Code Kit + Expansion Pack (Computer Science) haven’t been translated yet. The content and lesson plans are available in English at

We have some materials translated into Spanish, but not much in the way of classroom content yet.

Thanks for sharing more about your robot! Would be happy to follow along in a separate thread. Interesting idea!

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Hi Vicki and all the Bitster Community! :bitstar::bitstar::bitstar:

I’m glad to share with you that after 1 month of creating, playing, remixing and sharing, I’m back from my trip to La Rioja, and I can proudly say that I made a beatiful chaos at Escuela Gabriela Mistral.

Before the beggining of my journey, I packed my backpack with a few Bits that included a Code Kit + some sort of Expansion Pack (around 30+ Bits that included the Makey Makey Bit and 2 Bluetooth Low Energy Bits to name a few), and all my willingness to help and keep learning.

When I arrived, my Bits met new hardware friends that were already at the school but still not used. These were Arduino kits full of really interesting sensors.

Then, I spent one week working with the Principal of the school, two teachers (one with an IT profile and the other one with an Art profile), and also had the chance to meet some people working at the Ministry of Education, so I could get a deeper understanding of the curriculum they were trying to implement and their learning approach.

Instantly, I noticed that they wanted to focus on Invention Based Learning but they were lacking the maker culture needed to jump on hands-on learning without being afraid of making mistakes. Introducing the Invention Cycle helped me to share the concept of a cyclic creative process, and the idea of prototypes and failing fast.

Therefore, I tried different pilot classes with a small number students to test their computational thinking understing and their motivation to gain programming skills and learn about robotics.

The results were excellent, and one of my favorites pilot classes involved introducing littleBits together with the Arduino kits. We could see really fast the functionality of a RBG led with littleBits and we replicated a similar circuit using an Arduino compatible RGB led board, that required wiring and the use of a protoboard.

Finally, my last day at school was a full experience with all the group of students and both teachers. They were around 60 kids aged between 12 - 14 and we ran an improvised version of my Diversity Workshop.

The conditions were extreme and it was interesting to see how all the couples, that previously had picked their Bit to play this role game, rushed into connecting with the only power Bit in the room. The options came clear, it was about sharing or sharing!

To conclude the experience, all kids shared what they liked and learned. And for me it was super special to hear all the different visions they got from this methodology. For example, a girl named all the incredible positive aspects that littleBits offer, like the ease of use, the instant results they got by changing a Bit and turning a light on, or replacing it with another Bit to power a fan, and how the pink modules control the green ones, etc. And on the other hand, one girl said that what se liked the most was that this activity required that they needed to search for another groups to combine their Bits to make something new, and specially that this combination needed to be with Bits with a different color from their own.

In conclusion, I’d like to share with you that I’m really happy with all this new experience for me closer to formal education. And I hope my story will inspire you to try new things, keep following the things that you believe in and lets keep inventing together the world we want to live in!


Leo, such an inspiring story and grateful for your support building community. We’re thrilled to have passionate people like you engaging students around the world in creativity and inventing with littleBits. I hope you work increased the confidence of the educators and students at Escuela Gabriela Mistral so they might use the invention cycle more regularly. I look forward to hearing about your next adventure!


Vicki, thanks for your words! Hopefully, you will be hearing from me soon, sharing cool adventures from Argentina with this amazing online community! Here is a preview of my work in progress.

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Thanks for your support this year of BitCamp Workshops! The response has been tremendous. We’re pleased to share that we’ve filled all requests for BitCamps through 2019. We’ll be back in touch with everyone in 2020!


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