LittleBits, Scratch and mBlock robots

Has anyone used the mBlock version of Scratch to make robots out of LittleBits?

Doing initial tests now…so far only able to upload from Arduino IDE - but definitely see the potential :smile:
What are your experiences so far?

Yes me too. But I am still playing with it, I am pretty new to the Arduino bit. They said they will release source code at some point so maybe it will be possible to get something going after that.

Hi @tinytreasures1 and @tommybyskovlund,
We just got our mBots a few days ago and are playing around with them. So far they are absolutely fantastic although they seem to have a few technical glitches (e.g. buzzer often doesn’t work as expected). We are in the process of learning how to use their unique Scratch robotics language, but we definitely plan to combine these with LittleBits in the future. Would love to swap ideas!


mBot and mBlock (scratch) are a great combination, and with its support for Arduino including dynamic code creation, it is a perfect platform for kids (and adults) to get into the world of micro controllers.

Annoyingly, the way the Leonardo variant of Arduino (the one used on the little bits module) works is different from the Uno. This makes no difference when used with Arduino IDE, but from Scratch and mBlock (and another gem of a programme - flowol) the way the Leonardo works makes it change its identity sufficiently that it does not integrate correctly.

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Sorry to dig up the thread. I work with the mBlock team. There is a Arduino Leonardo option under the “Borads” menu. Would anybody test that whether it works with the Arduino bit? (both Arduino mode and offline Arduino upload mode). I have some Littlebits bits but not the Arduino one.

I have played around with LittleBits, Scratch and the Arduino bit. I haven’t played with it in a long time and am heading off to Maker Faire Orlando this weekend. I will try to play with it at the faire and if I get it to work will post when we get home.

Many thanks! If it proves to work, I can add a “LittleBits” tag besides Arduino Leonardo so people will know where to click. I really hope mBlock can work with the Arduino Bit although I can’t get the hardware now. And there’s an extension center where you may define new blocks if you want something beyond GPIO read and write.

Have a good time at the Maker Faire!

Hi there. Happy to give it a try. Just got a mbot and an arduino bit for Christmas. Need some guidance and an easy sketch as a newbie. Thx and best.

@bigeyex Happy to try. It’s alpha, I’m guessing.