Littlebits Invent app questions

I have so many questions about the Littlebits Invent app on my iPhone.

For starters, I have all my bits & kits entered into the app. Yet when I goto the “For Me” tab of the"Inventions" page I am given inventions that I don’t have the bits for! It’s frustrating.

An example: My son found “Air Ball” by Tadeusz in the “For Me” tab. It requires 2 fans. I only have 1.

I can heart inventions, but there doesn’t seem to be anyway to later pull up a list of my favorite inventions.

I don’t understand the iconography. My son surmises that the orange X on an invention means we don’t have the parts for that invention. But there are many icons, what do they mean, if anything?
Orange X
Green X
Purple littlsBits
Pink smiling bit
Blue Bit with mustache
Pink X
Blue X

I’m starting to think they’re just icons that are supposed to represent the author of the invention.

Lastly, the phone is great for building the curated inventions. But some of the inventions uploaded by the community have nonsensical invention steps. And the phone app makes it hard to see a picture while saving your place in the step list. I tried searching on the website for the same invention, so I could have a side by side reference, but that didn’t even work! Try it right now, try to find Air Ball . I couldn’t. It would be great if the app had a link to the webpage for each invention, for when the app fails to give the grander picture.

Joseph Elwell.