LittleBits drops support of CloudBit?

Hi Joseph @jelwell, thanks for the news! I was one of the users that kept using the cloudbit normally. I thought this was because I was using IFTTT from a twitter trigger to a cloudbit action. But now I’m offline too, getting an “:warning: Error: Internal server error.” when accesing (although in one ocation I refreshed the page and I could acces the app).

In conclusion, I guess we can’t rely on the cloudbit for now, but I still agree with @alexpikkert that maybe

I still believe in littleBits mission and I trust in @ayah_littleBits decision making to invent a more inclusive world with more opportunies for everyone, specially for the most vulnerable ones. And I don’t care if I’m being naive for thinking this way or if littleBits team is working on things that are not directed to my own interest. Because I wonder how it would be to live in world where we were more concerned to each others feeling, and made an effort to be nicer and respectful while creating healthier atmospheres to keep growing and learning from each other. So we can all work together to taclke the problems we have in today’s world with more motivation, support, and happiness.

Sorry for the emotion and thanks for reading!

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This is the answer of the Littlebits team regarding my support question if the cloudbit is only down for maintenance or complete discontinued forever:

“We sincerely appreciate your patience while our team worked on restoring cloudBit software service.
Now there is some ongoing work on the backend of the site that is causing intermittent errors.
We are working on finding the root cause of these issues and we hope to have an update soon. We will continue to support the cloud service as best as we are able for as long as we can.
All the best,”

This gives hope for the future… :sweat_smile: