Littlebits circuit block symbols clipart?

Hi all, I need to write some docs for littleBits and am wondering if there’s a set of circuit block symbols that I can download and use. Much like the ones in the official littleBits docs?


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Hi there, @Bala :wave:

Sorry, but what you’re looking for is not available. Please also see this discussion on the topic:

Ho @Bala,
Maybe you can use the pictures you can copy from the Littlebits shop.
I use them with powerpoint to combine and scale them.

See for example :



Good idea @alexpikkert
I will introduce these setups in forthcoming projects.
Wanna share your scaled down pictures with the forum :blush:

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I am on holiday now, I will prepare a zip file next week.

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Hi @Bala @JackANDJude @Frankje ,

I made a picture library (from the Littlebits webshop information) with all bit pictures and accessory pictures you could use to make your project pictures.
It can be used with Microsoft powerpoint, if you do not have this program you can also use the free software package from “LibreOffice”. It can read and write ppt files too.
Just google for libreoffice and you will find it…

Here you can download my library file:

This is how you can make project diagrams based on these pictures:

Copy, paste, drag and drop your images as you want on the empty page 4.
Don’t resize them because they all fit together…
Use an empty white square as background.
Add lines and other shapes when needed. See example on page 5.

Save the final picture file:

In powerpoint:
Right-click with your mouse and group the whole picture to avoid shifting.
Right-click with your mouse and “save as picture”. Select JPG as file type.

In LibreOffice:
Right-click with your mouse and group the whole picture to avoid shifting.
Right-click with your mouse and “convert to bitmap”.
Right-click with your mouse and “save”. Select JPG as file type.



Thank you @alexpikkert for your hard work :smiley:
I’ve updated my invention ( Seashores Soundwaves ) with a drawing using your symbols.
I just used the free hand drawing for connecting wires though…
Everything looks much clearer now.

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Thank you!!!

How did you know I was aching for something like this ? :grinning:

For the Makers class I’m currently teaching, this will be invaluable in quickly putting together a polished looking circuit for the “What did we make today” emails I send to parents.


Hi @baselsalam,
Good to see you can use it !
Can you let me know if the resolution of the pictures is good enough for you?
If not I could make them a little better… :grinning:

Hi @baselsalam
Alex did a wonderful job here.
If you like, you could draw connecting wires between bits by using drawing tools in “paint” or in “irfanview”.
This works a lot faster.

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This is exactly what I could use in my class… but the link is 404. Could someone re-share this please?

I found this working link in another forum thread -

Thank you @alexpikkert !

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