Littlebits Cards, I want 'em all

I sure do like the cards packaged with individual Bits, but I don’t have cards for the Synth Bits or the others that came with the other kit I bought. Can I get a ‘deck’ of LB cards? Here’s a thought just washed over me; Say a teacher only had enough bits for half the class, one half can work with the Bits while the other half uses the cards to ‘prototype’ what they want to build when it’s their turn with the Bits. They can be used as incentives, rewarding students who complete an assignment with a card to ‘unlock’ a new bit from the library, lots of possibilities.
Back to my original question, can I buy a complete set of cards?


Look under educator supplies. I think you will find a section that lets you print out those cards. Most printers will let you print to light card stock.

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This doesn’t answer your question but I LOVE THOSE CARDS!!! I like to call the LittleBits Trading cards. :wink: That would be so cool if i saw someone trading those cards, or even playing a card game!


That’s good, because there are exactly 52 of them available to print!


This is such a great thread!! Let’s see if @dave_littleBits can help us. Is there a pdf of those cards David that people can print out?

Yes there is, here is s link of where you can find them:


@Birish03 to the rescue :rocket:

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Thanks @everybody!

Hi @waxmoose - sorry I’m late to the party. I’m a designer at littleBits and curious what you love so much about the cards! Can you tell me more about what you like about them (the info on them, how you use them, etc)?


I asked some friends at Cre-Arte to get inspiration from the cards and make their own :black_joker:


On the card like that @leo, it looks like a toothy face!

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Hi @krystal, I don’t know exactly, but my closet full of baseball, football and basketball cards might hold a clue. I’m a stamp collector too, maybe I’m just pack rat/hoarder?

:computer: :black_joker: :black_joker: :dog2:

That is a very cool photograph @leo! Especially the mystery shadow on the right.

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And these are Pachi, Gaspi, and Belen at Cre-Arte :art:

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I too love these cards! We are in the process of printing, cutting and laminating them for our chapter

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How did you print these? Paper size?

Hi @metroatlanta, I went to a print shop and they printed for me.

I took the file and chose an A4 paper with similar thickness than the original cards. They added a thin border so that I could cut them with scissors :scissors: :smile: